Vivienne Westwood

 Vivienne Westwood  (born Vivienne Isabel Swire on 8 April 1941, in the village of Tintwistle, Derbyshire) is a British fashion designer and business woman, largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.
She became well known in the 1970s when, with Malcolm McLaren the rock music entrepreneur, she opened a shop in London that became the focus of the punk rock movement. She gained international recognition in the early 1980s with her Pirate and New Romantics look. Vivienne Westwood has played a vital role in the emergence of Punk Rock in the 1970s and has gone on to become one of the most original and influential designers of our time.

Westwood has five exclusively-owned shops; three in London, one in Leeds, and one in Milan. Franchise stores are located in Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, three in Manchester and most recently, in FH Mall, Nottingham , and in Blake Street, York.

Today, Westwood’s a global empire comprises the semi-couture line Gold Label, a ready-to-wear line Red Label, Vivienne Westwood Man and the diffusion line Anglomania. She has perfumes – Boudoir, launched in 1998 and Libertine, launched in 2000 – as well as successful ranges of knitwear and accessories. British Designer of the Year twice, in 1990 and 1991, honoured with the Order of the British Empire in 1992 and made Dame Vivienne Westwood in 2006, she has drawn uncommonly wide acclaim from the extremes of the street and the establishment.
Vivienne Westwood signature style is Provocative, awe inspiring, avant garde, unique, rebellious, and a true original. Her designs combine a fearless unconformity with a sense of tradition. She is renowned for her gentle parody of Establishment styles, her use of very British fabrics such as Harris tweed and tartan, her re-use of historic garments such as the corset and crinoline. Westwood's creations are brilliant, subversive, and incredibly influential. She is unquestionably among the most important fashion designers of the late 20th century and beyond.


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