Versace is on of Italy’s biggest fashion houses, it has been run by Gianni Versace (the founder) and after his death Donatella Versace, it has always been a very strong family run buisness.
Versace has servral defussion lines inculding Atelier Versace their couture collection, jewellly, accessories, fragrances, cometerics and furniture. Gianna understood that not every one could afford their clothes but would still want to buy into the brand and that these defusion lines would make that possible.
Versace is famous for its sex siren red carpet dresses. Putting the Va Va Voom into fashion with curve hugging dress.

“That dress barely held together with safely pins. Lent to Hurley and worn when she accompanied her famous boyfriend to the1994 premiere of Four weddings and a funerals, has frequently been describe as Versace’s greatest coup, Liz Hurley was caplupialted into stardom overnight. The show stopping power of Versace was never more apparent.”
Versace saw the power of celebrities wearing his design, it was also very cost effect, he would balance out the £14,000 +photo shoot fess spread in vogue, with letting b-list celebrities wear his dresses on the red carpet and gaining mass media cover which would be out the next day.

Gianni and Donatella learnt dress making from an early age as their mothers was a seamstress, who made copies of the French design and sold them to the woman in their village. While Gianni was making his clothes he would use Donatella as a model. Their two designer ethics are very similar and Donatella thinks that’s Gianni would be pleased about how the lines have developed after his death. As the brand has keep it identity while being on trend each season.

 Versace also believed in the power of the supermodels, and the strong messgae that they would send out by being see in his clothes. He would pay some models £10,000 for a days work even when he couldnt afford it.

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