Jil Sanders

JIl Sander has always been fascinated by the original concept of high street fashion, and offering her attractive, clean cut clothes to everyone, it felt like a worthwhile challenge to globalise quality at affordable prices and to engage in a company that has the power to reach people on a global scale. Her collaboration collection with Uniqlo was good match as the design teams share the same visions.
She was determined to start her own line, as she wanted a sense of grown up beauty with smart unfrivolous cutting, comfortable quality with a dynamic look. She felt that more attention needed to be paid to how the clothes looked on the body instead of what surface decoration when onto the body.
She felt that to be able to make clothes that would sell to lots of people that she would have to master the basics, understanding pattern cutting, fabric and its properties, these techniques she constantly develops thought her fitting, all the information learnt is then poured back into the pattern until the pattern becomes a fashion statement in its own right.
She pays very high attention to the detail within her designs by investing time and huge effort during the toiling stage, constantly fitting the toil. (Sometimes up to 5 times) to ensure a flawless sculptured silhouette and unconditional ease for the wearer
When it comes to style she feels that women are becoming confused about what style to go for with the constant changing of trends i.e. sexy kitten, provocative or lady. She felts that in the long run you are better of choosing a dignified demure will fitting style. Without the basic she feels it must be hard to start an original look, as they is no starting point to work from.  Thus leading to many looks being outrages, eccentric and over the top.
Jill sanders looks is very much about the purely of the design, with them being will fitted and made from high quality material.  Her design should work as a smart frame or a quiet background where some think else can take centre stage. This is why she has a very loyal client base that keeps coming back.
Jill sanders are also a very private person rarely ever giving interviews.

1968 Opened her first store
1975 Launched her line
1979 branched out into cosmetics and fragrances
1997 started a menswear collect
2000 sold her company to Prada but it failed famously clash of egos, only lasted four months
2003 return to her company 
2004 left over designer drifferents
2008 started design for her collaboration with Uniqlo

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