Lily Hiene

Lily Heine graduated from Central St Martins master course and won the Harrods design prize for her final collection.
Her graduate collection was made up entity of the same beige fabric; he designs were constructed with layered panel placed onto the figure to add depth. Picasso sketches of women inspired her collection where her explored their figure by drawing them with the use of square, curves and other shapes. Once the garment were placed on the model they seemed to become living status because of the motion from the panels creates, it is also because of the stony classic texture from the fabric, that traces and contour the body which causes the animated look when the models move.
Some of the garment have been sold to Topshop and are now being make for A/W10, therefore bring couture to the high street, as each layer for the panels is hand stitched to the bottom layer making it a very labour intense collection. The collection has been described as “modern couture”, Lily is very interested in the relationship between couture, art and comermiatily.
            She now hoped the be able to work as an in house textile designer and designing freelance on the side.

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