Sloane are upper middle class who live in London traditionally around Sloane Square where their name came from but the younger generations of Sloane’s have spread out into other areas of chelas including Notting Hill gate and Kensington.

Sloane’s are associated with private schools, with popular jobs being Journalism, TV, PR and advertising and Gallery management.

Sloane style is very well catered for by Abercrombie & Fitch and Jack Wills which I think take tradiontal British, sometimes countryside, items of clothing and edges it a modern edge, by sometimes by changing the shape and adding panel of colour. The style is expensive without being ostentatiously

Sloane’s as a subculture have now development into Chav Sloane’s, Thumping Sloane’s, Euro Sloane, Sleek Sloane, Eco Sloane, Party Sloane and Bongo Sloane

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