The Hippy was a subculture that started of in America during the mid 1960s, the term Hippy are famous for the embrace of drug use, their relaxed life style including having free love, strong anti war views, and bright clothing and accessories.

Hippies are renown for their drug use, just some of which were, LSD, Cannabis Psilocybin and Mescaline.  Part of the reason that the hippies clothes were so bright was that during hallucinogens drug binge there see colours and textures moving around, some artist transferred these visions into designs which are now an instant vision reminder.

The hippies are also renown know for the strong anti war views, the war during in the hippy era was the Vietnam War. This was a difficult war as the enemy was harder to spot, then in the war America have thought of before, this meant that their was mass innocent caustics caused and destroyed Vietnam as a Country. There were fear that the nuclear bomb would be used again as fighting methods were working as the enemy moved further into Vietnam many jungles and crossed the boarders to get supplies the Armed Forces wanted the forest wiped out and caves destroy and a nuclear bomb would have been more effective then napalm.

The hippy life style was more relaxed then before, this was because of two main reasons, one was that two world wars had finished and people wanted to lead their own lives for a change, people know had more money to spend. The second reason was that the drug uses made the users feel more relaxed and this spread over into their love life as more than one lover was commonplace and this formed the notion of free love.

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